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I design for Polli

2011 July 28
by emma

I am so excited about the new range of jewellery that I have designed for über cool design company Polli.

The pieces are designed as talismans or mementoes that sailors might leave with their loved ones, or bring home to them, during the long, arduous and dangerous sea exploration journeys that were undertaken by the likes of Abel Tasman, Captain Cook and Francis Drake. These journeys were taken with fortune and glory in mind, in search of an undiscovered paradise which was  believed to exist just beyond the boundary of the world as known to Europeans.  We know the consequences of these voyages were far more complex and far less triumphant than the sailors envisaged. But the discovery of the wonders of these beautiful places,  so exotic to European eyes, was the dawning of a gradual and imperfect understanding of the world we all live in.

You can see the Polli blog post about it, with links to the designs, here.

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  1. July 21, 2013

    This is so fragile and charming! I love this earrings with the ship. Is this same as the one from ‘Pirate Bay’ by You? Excellent! Thank You for showing this…

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